Our products cover a big range of applications such as hygienic industry, clothing industry,
automotive trim, shoe & bag, disposable cloths, packing industry, furniture covers, medical etc.

Hygiene Care
Coverstock - LILIVASHTM

LILIVASHTM is a thermal-bonded nonwoven made of 100% hygienic PP staple fiber.

It thereby is capable of ensuring the rapid passage of fluids, keeping the surface in contact with the skin dry and comfortable. ‏

The excellent dry feeling values and superior softness and smoothness of our LILIVASHTM meet the required demands of the final hygiene products. Our fully equipped laboratory controls the quality of the production with respect to the health, packing & mechanical properties.

High MD/CD

Our thermos bonding line has the capability to produce the cover stock with the improved characteristics such as high tensile strength, while maintaining the mechanical properties.

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Disposable Applications

Our non-woven disposables for hygienic applications are made of hygienic fibers. Depend on the applications we can provide different fiber blends, tensile strength, color or weights to meet the requirements of our clients.


  • Bouffant Cap
  • Dust mask, face mask
  • Lab coat
  • Shoe cover
  • Surgeon cap
  • Surgical gown, etc.

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Our thermobond non-wovens cover a wide range of applications such as: Automotive trim applications, Air purifications and filtration, Disposable clothing, Refreshing towel, Industrial face masks, Tea bag packing, etc.


We provide many styles and corresponding ranges of polyester, polypropylene, and Bico spunbond fabrics for a variety of end uses and applications. These are supplied with different widths and with different basis weights.

Spunbond polyester

Spunbond polyester fabrics commonly have more uniform properties than other structures of non-wovens. It is a perfect choice when thermal properties, moldability, strength, permeability, UV, and high dimensional stability are needed in the application.

Spunbond polypropylene

Spunbond polypropylene fabrics are uniform and dimensionally stable, and typically made with fine to medium dpf continuous filament fibers. These fabrics require additives for UV and heat stability. They also tend to be more economical than other fabrics.

Spunbond Bico fabrics

Spunbond Bico fabrics are produced using different ratios of filament fibers. Common characteristics of this fabric include good weldability, moldability, stability, permeability, and fiber distribution.

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  • It has excellent moisture and water absorbency and water retention properties.
  • Soft feel on the skin.
  • Excellent ability to remove water and oil.
  • Minimal lint or piling.
  • Can be put through various types of sterilization treatments.


We offers multiple layout configurations to produce different types of spunlaced fabrics. We have always a solution tailored to your needs.

  • Wipes
  • Hygiene
  • Face masks
  • Surgical

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Spunlace uses high pressure water jet to a fine one or more layers of fiber web, the fibers tangled with each other, so that the web can be reinforced and have a certain strength. Its wide range of sources of fiber raw material, can be polyester, nylon, polypropylene, bamboo fiber, wood pulp fiber, seaweed fiber.


Our Shoe linings are produced with Swiss technology And meet the highest standards.


  • Air permeability and breathable
  • Good molding and folding capability
  • Good bonding to the different leather types

Low required ironing temperature allows covering the wide range of applications such as low weight leather/artificial substrates.

Bags and suitcase Lining

Our lining also can be designed for the bag and suitcase applications. Upon receipt of the customers required specifications we can recommend the most suitable coating technology and weigh to provide the best performance for the end users.

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Our Swiss know-how enables us to deliver a first class product. All the machinery adjustments as well as raw material blanks are controlled very carefully to keep a constant quality.


Ladies dresses and blouses, Garments, ready-made clothing industry.


All our machinery are Swiss made, capable of even coating on high speed and equipped with the most advanced PLC controlling systems.

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We produce different kinds of nonwoven interlinings.

The production is based on the Paste dot and Scatter coating techniques. A wide range of Swiss made thermo fusible powders are available to provide necessary solutions for the desired type of interlinings.